Third set of Steam Greenlight games announced

Steam have just announced the third set of titles to successfully make it through the Greenlight process. There's some great looking stuff in the list of 13 games now eligible for a Steam release. There's also Dragon's Lair. I suppose the public can't be right about everything.

Here's the full list of newly greenlit games:

I'll admit to not recognising a lot of the names on that list, but a couple of titles jump out. No Time To Explain is an enjoyable little platformer in which you use a jetpack gun to jump around the levels. Then there's Primordia, the upcoming Wadjet Eye Games adventure. While they're only publishing this one, they've previously brought us Resonance and Gemini Rue, so know how to pick out a great point and click.

This wave has also seen some software titles getting the go-ahead, including the excitably named Action! Screen Recorder, Construct 2, HitFilm and You Need a Budget 4. Maybe YNaB4's first bit of monetary advice is to suggest people stop buying sequels to budgeting software.

Anything you're sad not to see make it? Anything there that you voted for? If you approved Dragon's Lair, you may as well come clean. We might even find it in out hearts to forgive you.

Phil Savage

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