Thief 2 HD mod is due out later this week

Thief Gold's HD mod is, along with the unofficial TFix patch , now a standard part of my elder Thief install. It's something of a no-brainer for the game's fans—offering a noticeably more detailed set of textures without warping the game's deliberate aesthetic. Hence my pleasure when, on a recent trawl through ModDB, I discovered that the team behind the mod are giving Thief 2 the same treatment . Even better, it's due out later this week, on August 8th.

There's little in the way of info, but the mod's creators have listed the following features:

  • Added HD textures for all original missions

  • Added new vegetation

  • Added new water and lava textures

  • Added new fire flames

  • Added new Ape-Beast HD skin

  • Added Zombie HD skin

  • Added new skies

In addition, the mod's ModDB page has a selection of screenshots showing this spruced up sequel in action.

Phil Savage

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