Thermaltake’s liquid-cooled memory is cool, except for the specs

(Image credit: Thermaltake)

Certain types of add-in cards like a sound card are about the only things left that have yet to be water cooled. That might change, eventually. In the meantime, Thermaltake reminds us that practically everything can be given the liquid-cooled treatment with its new WaterRam memory.

I feel like it should be written WaterRAM (all caps on the RAM part), but whatever, I'll stick with Thermaltake's labeling. In any event, this is exactly what it sounds like—a kit of RAM that is water cooled. Not out of the box, mind you, but once you incorporate it into your own custom liquid cooling loop.

It's not a terrible idea, considering that memory chips can get toasty. However, the specs are a little underwhelming, comparatively. What's being offered is a 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-3600 kit with 18-19-19-39 timings.

In their own right, those are respectable specs for sure. But a few weeks ago, I wrote about a G.Skill Trident-Z Neo DDR4-3600 kit with 14-15-15-35 timings. More recently, G.Skill has added two other kits to its Neo family, including 16GB and 32GB DDR4-3800 memory kits, both with 14-16-16-36 timings.

Maybe these new WaterRam modules can overclock better, thanks to the advantage of being liquid cooled. Or maybe they can't. Either way, if paying a premium for something like this, I'd like to see class-leading specs, and Thermaltake is not delivering on that front.

Outside of nitpicking the timings and frequency, this is certainly a unique-looking memory kit. It also features flashy RGB lighting that can synchronize with TT RGB Plus compatible gear, as well as various RGB lighting solutions by third parties.

Pricing and availability have not yet been announced, but don't expect a bargain—as a point of reference, Thermaltake's DDR4-3200 version (also 32GB) costs $439.99. Ouch.

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