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There's a Twitter account compiling cats watching their people play Stray

Stray - an orange cat
(Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio, Annapurna Interactive)
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Video game about cats Stray (opens in new tab) is predictably a very popular video game among people who like cats. (It's also pretty objectively successful, being publisher Annapurna's biggest launch ever. (opens in new tab))

It is so popular, in fact, that Twitter account @CatsWatchStray (opens in new tab) now exists, purely to catalogue people posting their cats watching the cat on screen in the video game. Cats, being as they are, obviously take interest in the new cat-like thing that lives inside the monitor on your PC or TV on your wall. As of writing, the account has racked up nearly 32,000 followers.

This is as opposed to my dog, which just goes berserk when it hears the cats on the TV meowing. Actually, someone posted their dog going berserk (opens in new tab) at the on-screen cat too.

I am a particularly big fan of this one, where the cat gently paws at the screen.

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Or this, where the cat hears a cat-screech and is very intrigued.

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Anyway I could do this all day, by this, I mean just find and post more videos of cats watching digital cats. It's very good. Here are a few more, but you can find a boatload more than that on the @CatsWatchStray (opens in new tab) Twitter account or on the tag #catswatchingStray (opens in new tab).

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In a related, but obscure, crossover, someone modded the cat's meow into "Jason!" from Heavy Rain. (opens in new tab)

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