There's a new Resident Evil 4 mod that brings the remake's best addition back in time to the original game

Resident Evil 4 remake
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My single favorite thing in the Resident Evil 4 remake is its sick as hell, Sekiro-style parry system, a genius improvement to RE4's already-legendary combat. Now, thanks to modders kreedyk and qingsheng, that feature's been brought back to the original game.

The RE4 remake parry is actually just a smaller part of a much bigger mod, "New Trainer Introduction UHD." It allows for everything from bringing Mercenaries mode-exclusive weapons to the main game, to full-on model swaps like playing as Ashley or HUNK. I'm just here for that sweet, sweet knife parry though.

Installation and use is a little more convoluted than your typical mod, but still nothing crazy. I opted for a manual installation⁠—I don't know nothin' about no "Fluffy Manager." For quick install instructions:

  • Copy the "BIO4" and "Bin32" files from all desired addons (I just went for the "Main Files" and "qingsheng dll") into your steamapps/common/Resident Evil 4 install folder.
  • That folder is also as good a place as any to drop the trainer executable
  • To access features like model swap and the remake parry, first run Resident Evil 4, then alt tab to run the trainer executable and select what features you want it to adjust.

I checked the box for "Remake Parry," loaded into the second village area, and bam, the Parryman had logged on. Pulling out your dagger with left trigger or spacebar in time with an enemy attack parries it just like in the remake, though the timing here is definitely a lot more forgiving⁠—the window feels more similar to the Witcher 3's counterattacks than the tight requirements of REM4KE.

It's still awesome to see though, and something I might take advantage of in my next replay of Resident Evil 4. You can check out kreedyk's other projects on NexusMods, while qingsheng uploads a lot of Resident Evil 4 mod content on YouTube.

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