Great moments in PC gaming: The WTF ending of MDK

Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories.


Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Year: 1997

Game endings. They're meant to do a few different things. Wrap up the story. Celebrate your victory. Mark the end of an epic adventure. Be polite padding before the credits roll. Stuff like that. Unless of course you're playing MDK, Shiny's already pretty weird shooter whose initials supposedly stand for "Max, Dr. Fluke Hawkins and Kurt", even though we all know better. 

MDK had… different ideas. It was a rock-hard shooter that revelled in constantly switching things up, with room after room of fiendish challenges and surreal environments for your gimp-suited hero Kurt to blast and snipe his way through, before taking a really long slide into the next arena. From that, you can probably assume that the ending wasn't just going to be a big boom.

But nobody was quite expecting what actually followed. Defeat  the final alien supercrawler that was harvesting Earth and shoot the final boss in his stupid head, and you get… a French music video. Specifically, a band called Billy Ze Kick, with a singer crooning "Non, rien n'a change" to monochrome footage of a guy dressed as Kurt and a few of the enemies playing backup instruments in some kind of Tank Girl food poisoning nightmare. 

What? No, seriously. What? Years later, it still makes no sense.

At least it's memorable. Points for that.