The Witcher 3 is still being patched, despite devs' heartfelt farewell

CDPR just doesn't stop. It's been over a year since The Witcher 3 released and, in addition to enormous, near-perfect expansions, it's enjoyed a constant flow of patches to features most devs would have given up on. And it's not quite the end.

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It stands to reason that at least one patch would address new issues introduced by Blood and Wine, but it's exquisitely pleasing to see that Geralt won't ride off into the sunset until everything is just right.

This is in spite of the heartfelt farewell CDPR has left at the end of Blood and Wine's credits. We've been told time and again that this is it for The Witcher 3, but I suspect that it won't be, really. Though the expansions are over, I'll wager CDPR won't leave The Witcher completely till every hair of Geralt's beard is in its proper place.

Screenshot by /u/LenryNmQ

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