The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition to add free areas, quests and characters in April

The Witcher 2

Do you own the Witcher 2? Good news! On April 17 your copy of the Witcher 2 will be upgraded to the Enhanced Edition free. That'll add new quests, new places to quest in and new "major characters" to meet.

There will also be a new CGI cutscene depicting the assassination of King Demavend. According to the news post on Good Old Games "BAFTA Award winner and Academy Award nominee Tomasz Baginski brings this key historical event to life (not actually historical - Historical Ed)" You'll also get a game map, game guide, manual, soundtrack and Witcher comic free.

Are you planning to own The Witcher 2 before April 17? Good news! You ALSO will get your copy upgraded come April. The Witcher 2 is on sale at 15% off for the next two weeks on Good Old Games to celebrate.

The Enhanced Edition is just the latest in a big series of hefty free updates that have been added to The Witcher 2 over the course of the last year as CD Projekt continue to make their great game greater still. Bravo.

Tom Senior

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