The Winner of ModDB's Endless Space 2 contest adds romanceable characters, 19 new endings

As we reported last month, turn-based 4X 'em up Endless Space 2 recently launched a mod competition in collaboration with ModDB. The winners are now in, and lilyophelia's Endless Romance has secured first place. 'Tis Valentine's season after all.  

With mention of terrorist attacks and weaponised viruses—alongside some pretty unsettling imagery—this isn't your typical lovestruck affair, though. Endless Romance is a quest mod that adds romanceable heroes, 34 new events, 85 unique choices, 19 different endings, three epilogues, and eight buildable Histories. 

Speaking to that last part, the mod's creator says: "[Endless Romance] adds a large assortment of buildable histories, based on your story choices during your playthrough of Endless Romance. Histories are like mini-wonder buildings that provide a thematic bonus (flat and scaling) and make your empire feel more personalized and storied."

More information on Endless Romance, including installation instructions, can be found here

Other highlights from the EndlessMods contest include Redraluin's More Traits, KumaNoYuushi's Rebalanced Luxuries, and CyRob's Sandbox Mod—the latter of which grants players 9999 Trait Points. The full list of winners is found in this direction

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