ModDB's Endless Space 2 modding contest ends next week

Around this time last year, Superhot Team partnered with ModDB on #MAKEITSUPERHOT—a five-week design competition that encouraged entrants to craft mods and artwork tied to the time-manipulating shooter in a bid to win prizes. 

Towards the end of last year, ModDB joined forces with Sega and Amplitude to bring us the Endless Space 2 Modding Contest. It wraps up next Sunday, January 14, which means there's still time for the creative folk among us to hand something in. 

"The challenge should you choose to accept, is to make a mod for Endless Space 2," so says ModDB. "It can be a ship skin, a new game mode, or a quest, all will be judged on the merits of innovation, complexity and fun factor. The top ten entries win a digital gaming pack from SEGA, so chances are all good submissions will walk away with something."

Check out some of the contest's latest entries here, which so far include the likes of lava reform, planet size improvements, and android fabrication. The overall winner will walk away with an Nvidia 1080 GPU, a signed and framed Endless Space 2 print and a Sega digital game bundle; while those places second to fourth claim all of the above minus the graphics card.   

Again, the Endless Space 2 Modding Contest is live now through Sunday, January 14. Full details including the rules can be found in this direction. And since we're talking Endless Space 2, I really enjoyed Robert Zak's recent conversation with Amplitude which discussed how the Endless series reimagined the 4X strategy genre.