The Wild Eight is co-op survival with mutated wolves


A reveal trailer and a handful of screenshots have appeared for an upcoming cooperative survival game called The Wild Eight. In the grand tradition of reveal trailers everywhere it actually doesn't reveal much, but the basic premise is this: as the result of a plane crash, a handful of survivors find themselves stranded in the harsh wilderness of Alaska and must work together to stay alive.

The Wild Eight website mentions that players will have to develop survival skills such as shelter building, and hunting is definitely on the roster (one screenshot shows the team taking down an animal using knives and clubs, and one player is throwing rocks). The freezing temperatures at night will come into play, and there are apparently mutated wolves on the loose. The game is being made by a Russian development team named 8 Points, and some of the text on the site is a little hard to parse:

"Survive and explore the forest with other players. It’s the right way to stand against this harsh world... until a madman appears in your group who wishes to grab the catch."

I'm not quite sure what that means. You can sign up for the beta at the official site where there are also a few more screenshots and another sample of the game's haunting soundtrack.

Wild Eight




Christopher Livingston
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