The White March Part 2 releases Feb 16

Pillars White March

The conclusion to Pillars of Eternity expansion The White March was pegged for 'late January', and it has turned out to be very late January indeed—February 16.

In addition to rounding off the mysteries of the first installment, Part 2 will include 'Story Time' mode, allowing you to zip through the campaign and soak up the lore without becoming bogged down squishing cultists and dragons. The writing was roundly excellent in Pillars, but then combat with spellbooks the size of War and Peace had a lot going for it too. Andy felt that The White March Part 1 leaned too heavily towards the latter, but that may well be your thing, and as we slapped Pillars with our Spirit of the PC award 2015, you can be darn sure I'll be giving it a spin.

On your travels through the White March you'll be joined by Meneha the Barbarian, but there's not much info on her beyond my assumption that she'll make a bad dinner party guest.