The Walking Dead creator on the Telltale game: "I'm really quite taken with it"

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke to IGN about Telltale's episodic adventure game (also named The Walking Dead) based on his comics. He had some very positive things to say about the game.

"Like everybody who's played it I'm fairly impressed by what they've been able to do," said Kirkman. "Being able to take a more storytelling approach to it and make it an interactive experience that tells a more in-depth story than the average action game is something that's much more in line with what The Walking Dead is about, and also brings a very unique gameplay experience...I'm really quite taken with it."

Among Kirkman's kudos was praise for the game's ability to focus on the same elements of the zombie apocalypse (an event largely portrayed with metric tons of blood and bullets) that the comics and TV show do. "I sometimes like to joke that it's tricking dudes into watching a soap opera," he said. "It's more about the struggle to survive than it is about the zombies chasing you or trying to eat you. We've been able to keep very much intact in the game."

A thumbs-up from the original creator is usually a good sign that a spin-off or adaptation is doing a pretty good job. So is a PC Gamer Editor's choice . Bottom line: we're excited for The Walking Dead Episode 3, which should be shambling our direction some time this month.