The Surge's incoming expansion gets a handful of new screenshots

The Surge (opens in new tab), the sci-fi action-RPG developed by Deck13 and released last year, is getting a new expansion entitled 'The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented'—and we have new screenshots to prove it.

The incoming DLC, due out next month on October 2, will take you to the depths of the CREO facility where you'll have to traverse deadly test chambers, each created to "push CREO’s tech to the limit". According to Deck13, they'll "feel like [they're] torn straight out of a twisted Wild West TV show."

You'll be able to change up the training rooms by combining four out of 16 different modifiers available. The enemies you'll face will be equipped with new armour, weapons, and implants, all of which you can claim for yourself.

Additionally, The Surge: Augmented Edition will be available "soon" after the new expansions release and will include 'The Good, the Bad and the Augmented' as well as the previous expansion, 'A Walk in the Park.'

Check out the new screenshots below.

Sarah James
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