The Surge 'A Walk in the Park' DLC is out now, and the base game is 50 percent off

A major DLC update for The Surge released today in the form of A Walk in The Park. As the name implies, it's set in a park: an amusement park. As the name doesn't imply, the amusement park is in ruins and is full of things that want to kill you. Of course it is! Anyway, it looks like a nice change from the base game's same-ish ruins.

To celebrate the launch of the pack, the base game is currently 50 percent cheaper on Steam. If you're jumping in for the first time and want bang for your buck, the Complete Edition is probably the best option: for $29.99 it includes all DLC. With A Walk in The Park going for $14.99 and the base game $19.99, you'll be saving an additional $5. I'm terrible at math and finance, so please congratulate me in the comments section.

The Surge is holding up pretty well on Steam, currently sitting on a Very Positive rating. At launch, we were less enthusiastic, with Jody writing: "The Surge isn't the same as Dark Souls but comparison's inevitable. Like that cyborg whose torso I severed, it struggles to stand on its own."

Check out A Walk in the Park's launch trailer below:

Shaun Prescott

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