The Surge 2 gets more free DLC, letting you dress like a future cop

(Image credit: Focus Home Interactive)

The Surge 2's new JCPD gear does not look remotely comfortable. The latest free DLC pack lets all players dress up like one of Jericho's unfriendly future cops, which means strapping into a big, bulky suit with lots of armour with sharp edges. The getup looks like someone tried to combine their love of Michael Bay's Transformers and Deus Ex and, I have to admit, I kinda dig it. 

The JCPD Team Zola armour will net you stamina bonuses for getting the set, but you'll need to hunt down enemies wearing the it and carve the pieces off them before putting it on yourself. 

Here's what the pack adds to the game:

  • The JCPD Team Zola armour set
  • The Drop Tech Scrap Regenerator implant
  • The Omni-Cell Battery Converter implant
  • The Physical Aggression Stabiliser implant
  • The Energised Material Converter implant

Last month, Deck 13 released the Future Shock Weapon Pack for free, too, so you can get yourself new armour, implants and four weapons. The JCPD Gear Pack is out now. 

Fraser Brown
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