The super-fast Lampadati Viseris comes to GTA Online

Another week in GTA Online means another new ride to show off to your friends. The Lampadati Viseris, available now at Legendary Motorsport, has clean, sweeping lines that put it a world apart from the Annis Savestra that was released last week, but they do share one common trait: A pair of machine guns pointing out from under the hood. 

Selling for $875,000, the Viseris is a two-door classic sports car inspired by the great Italian machines of the 1970s and '80s. According to the GTA Wiki it's prone to spinouts and thus not a great racer, but it has a tremendous top speed—in fact, it's one of the fastest civilian cars in the game. The only downside is that its speed could be the result of a suspension bug, and if so that speed could eventually be patched down. 

Rockstar is also offering double GTA$ and RP on all Lester Contact Missions through January 15, and the "Island Hopping" Premium Stunt Race (locked to the Blazer Aqua vehicle) and "Maze Bank Arena" Time Trial will both be available over the same period. And of course there are discounts: Smart shoppers will save 25 percent on aircraft weapons, vehicle armor, headlights and neons, skirts, spoilers, suspension, turbo kits, and the Nagasaki ultralight plane.   

It's not part of the update but you should probably also be aware that Team UK has been spending some time with the recently-released Doomsday Heist, and on the whole it's pretty good—especially the water cannon. (At least until someone takes it away.)

Andy Chalk

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