The Sunday Video Pwn

Half-Life 2 has a very special place in our hearts, so any opportunity to revisit it is a good one. Take a look at this trailer for Erik Rempen's Ladder mod. It seems simple enough to start out with, but as the game progresses the intensity increases. This is down to the excellent implementation of destructibility; it's almost like watching Bad Company 2 in the Source engine. The main tower collapsing is a notable "awesome!" moment. If you'd like to slaughter Combine in exploderific terrain, you should definitely download it .

An interesting teaser trailer cropped up this week for Brain Candy's turn-based strategy game Fray . The trailer is one of those live action things that seem so popular with developers these days, and despite being an indie team, Brain Candy weren't going to produce anything cheap or sub-par. The grimy sci-fi asthetic is well realised and the little bit of parkour we see is pretty cool. But just how much more to we know about Fray from this? It's a great way to introduce the fiction, but it does little to show potential players how the game will actually function. Where do you stand on these live action trailers? Do you love seeing game characters and worlds being brought to life with actors and props, or would just rather they just showed you the damn game already? Debate in the comments!

Crysis 2 is finally out now. It felt a long time coming, and that's in no small part down the the vast amount of trailers EA and Crytek pumped out. Every day in the office for the last few weeks, it's felt like there has been yet another Crysis 2 trailer to put up on the site. We've seen so much footage we'd pretty much played the game before it even came out. With this huge library of trailers, Crytek could easily produce a 'Best of Crysis 2' or 'Crysis 2: Greatest Hits' collection, containing such day-defining clips as:

Paradox can normally be relied on to provide some light-hearted fun, and it appears that Pirates of the Black Cove will be no exception. This new trailer has an almost Magika-on-sea feel to it in regards to the art-style, and the voice over is gently comedic and reassures that the game won't be taking itself too seriously. Whilst it's not been in development for that long, developers Nitro seem confident that a beta isn't too far away.

Hunted - Bethesda's fantasy-come-third person shooter - is shaping up well, and the latest trailer focuses on the co-op opportunities . It does appear to be catering primarily to the co-op market, so it's nice to see that the system seems to be working solidly. There's also a distinct amount of chest-high walls and crates around; apparently you don't have to have chainsaw bayonets for these to be a requirement.

The Dungeon Siege team have revealed a new character for the series' third entry; Katarina . As a woman in a fantasy-universe, she is sporting the apparently compulsory exposed cleavage (with added jiggle physics) and a dash of strong will. She's also capable of gunning down enemies with magic purple bullets for good measure.