The Stomping Land pits you against local dinosaurs, and somebody has to get eaten

The Stomping Land is an open-world multiplayer dinosaur hunting game that, frankly, looks pretty incredible for being so early in development. Currently in the prototype stage, the game is being built by solo developer Alex Fundora, whose credits include Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders , and funded by an already-successful Kickstarter campaign.

Relying on basic tools and primitive technology, your hunter has to get out in the world and hunt some dinosaurs, or he doesn't get to eat. The smaller animals are no problem and make for easy pickings, but all that fresh barbecue goes out the window when an apex predator shows up and literally takes your lunch.

To help even the odds between you and the T-rex trying to eat you, more "sophisticated" technology like traps, ropes, and pole-vaulting poles will become available. And, as reported by Polygon , Fundora stated on Reddit that there will even be a wingsuit made from pterodactyls so hunters can take to the air.

With a multiplayer setup that will include player-created tribes and intertribal sabotage and, presumably, warfare, The Stomping Land is one to watch. Its Kickstarter is more than 200% funded with more than three weeks to go, so the question isn't if, but when, we will get our hands on some sweet, sweet dino meat.

If you'd like to help the game get made, there are some stretch goals in sight that would add other designers, dedicated artists, and even full Oculus Rift support.

The Stomping Land is currently scheduled for release in March 2014.