The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2016 is live

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2016

The Lunar New Year is coming! I can tell, because there's a Steam sale on—and naturally, the big sale has a little game of its own for you to navigate.

“It is Lunar New Year once again, a time to travel home and reunite with family. You are far away from your home town of Monkey City, and many obstacles and choices lie on the path ahead. Are you ready to start your journey home?” the sale intro says. “You'll see lots of great games along the way—add interesting games to your wishlist as you travel, and view them all when you finish your journey!”

The first obstacle is a “massive body of water,” which you can either swim across or hitchhike around. Since I just wrote a bit about the horror hitchhiking game Rides With Strangers, I decided to catch a ride with a stranger, which took me to the Driving Games section. That's not really my thing, but there are some good deals in here: MotoGP15 for 60 percent off, Next Car Game: Wreckfest for half price, Gas Guzzlers Extreme for 80 percent off (it's really good, by the way), Project CARS for 60 percent off, and the F1 Game Franchise Bundle for 75 percent off, to name just a few.

The 2016 Lunar New Year Sale is live now and runs until February 12.

Andy Chalk

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