The Sims 4 gets terrain tools and first-person mode

Dig a pit and and fall into it in first-person with this massive free Sims 4 update. The PC patch adds terrain tools so you can create hills and trenches on your lots. A foundation height adjuster will let you create buildings at different heights on the same lot, and two extra basement levels give your sims more room.

You can wander around your deep palaces with a new first-person mode. Shift-tab puts you inside a Sim. You can toggle between Sims (and their pets) with the left and right arrows and interact with the world using left-click. You can see first-person mode in action in our news post about it last week.

The update also adds a new Style Influencer career. With the aid of a sketchpad and a style-board you will apparently end up "defining new looks that are worn by Sims all around town, or giving makeovers to help other Sims look on fleek". 

There are new clothes to support this of course, including rhinestone-adorned jeans, acid washed jeans, a gold chain necklace, a "bedazzled" collar, some new women's heels, a fiddler hat, a gold chain bracelet and male and female jackets.

There are loads of features in this update. In a time-limited event, Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown will show up to test your Sims with the Positivity Challenge. This unlocks a new aspiration for your Sim and "various rewards" are promised for Sims who work their way up through each tier. The update also makes some UI tweaks to gallery profile updates and whim updates, and there's a new tutorial voiced by comedian Jessica Williams. The full patch notes are here.

The update arrives ahead of the Sims 4: Get Famous expansion this Friday November 16 which adds new residential areas, a nightclub and a park in the Del Sol Valley location. If you want to expand your game with some awesome unofficial features, check out our lists of the best Sims 4 mods and all Sims 4 cheats.

Tom Senior

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