The Sims 4 drops a teaser for even more damn kits and a game pack

Sims 4 paranormal stuff
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Yesterday, The Sims 4 Twitter page dropped a mighty vague teaser video. It was simply the regular logo zipping away, returning in a glowing, wireframe version instead. The whole thing got simmers speculating. Was it a new Sims expansion pack, a new Sims Sessions-like event, maybe even a teaser for The Sims 5?

Perhaps rather predictably, it was none of those. Instead, EA dropped yet another awfully mysterious teaser video, revealing that one game pack and two kits are arriving across May and June. 

It looks like werewolves are finally making their way into The Sims 4, with the teaser showing a full moon and the game pack having the name Go Wild, which feels pretty fitting for the beasties. Werewolves have been in every mainline Sims game and despite getting other paranormal goodies like vampires and ghosts, werewolves have been notably absent over the last eight years.

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There seems to be even less information about what'll be in the kits, bar their names. Looks like the two kits will be the opposite of each other, with one called Chic Nights Out and the other Cozy Nights In. With kits usually focusing solely on either build/buy or Create-A-Sim items it could go either way, but my guess would be either one of each or kits more focused on ways to dress up our sims.

The whole emphasis on nighttime is making me hopeful for some Nightlife-esque themes creeping their way into the game pack. While nightclubs, bars and dancefloors are already available in The Sims 4 the whole thing feels a little underbaked. It's also surprising to see EA once again forgoing stuff packs. It's been nearly 16 months since the last one was released and despite no official word on its retirement, it feels like kits have become the default replacement. 


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