The Sims 4 is enrolling in university next month

Come November, your sims will no longer be deprived of a further education and you'll be able to pack them off to one of two universities. The Microsoft Store spilled the beans a bit early, but the Discover University expansion has now been officially announced, accompanied by a reveal trailer.

Sims will be able to go to either the University of Britechester or the Foxbury Institute, living in or off-campus, taking classes, riding around on their bikes and hopefully not ending up in hospital during Freshers' week. Classes include biology, computer science and... villainy. Even henchmen need good grades these days. 

The better sims do in university, the more prepared they are for their careers later, including the new education careers. Jobs are, of course, terrible, but you'll get to learn how to make a robot, so that's cool. 

Outside of class, there are extra-curricular activities, like everyone's favourite university drinking game, juice pong. Don't get too wild. There are clubs, too, and a secret society that you might be asked to join. Maybe that's where they hide all the booze. 

New decor can be plonked in your dorm rooms, including mini-fridges (for juice) and posters, but it won't really be home until you fill it with trash and piles of dirty clothes. I quite enjoyed trying to create a decent space within the limitations of The Sims 4's smaller apartments, so I'm looking forward to playing around with the dorms.

Inevitably I'm just going to fill it with vampires and goth it up, though. If you're jumping back in to The Sims 4 in 2019, check out our best Sims 4 mods and the most useful Sims 4 cheats.

The Sims 4: Discover University is due out on November 15 via Origin.


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