The Signal from Tölva release date set

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Following its breakout survival stealth 'em up Sir, You Are Being Hunted in 2013, Big Robot has since been working on sci-fi shooter The Signal from Tölva. Announced last year and showing off footage along the way, it's now got a launch date: April 10, 2017. 

Revealed via the following trailer, The Signal from Tölva lands two weeks from today sporting laser cannon combat and gorgeous interstellar exploration. Look, see:

Last October Andy went hands on with Tölva, whose world the developer describes as a "canvas for exploration." Within, he scoured the setting for new technology and went about thwarting enemy robots in a world said to be four times bigger than that of the dev's previous outing.  Here's an excerpt from that: 

"My first brush with danger was when I spotted some kind of landing craft in the distance and peered at it through my binoculars. I tagged the robots guarding it and tried to make a stealthy approach, but failed almost immediately. Suddenly the night sky was filled with streaks of colourful laser fire and I ducked behind a rock, poking out to fire back with a long-range rail cannon. The shooting is satisfyingly weighty and intense, providing a stark counterpoint to the moments of quiet, thoughtful exploration." 

The Signal from Tölva is due April 10, 2017.