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The Ship: Remasted's Early Access plans detailed

The Ship Remasted

The Ship: Remasted is docking (you know, like a ship might) on Steam Early Access this coming Monday. If you're knot in the know, it's an HD remake of the novel 2006 multiplayer murder mystery set on a big old Agatha Christie-esque cruise liner. We already knew that release date, of course, but in these worrying Early Access times where developer communication, and indeed progress, can often be disappointing, you'll be pleased to hear that developer Blazing Griffin plans to be as transparent during the Early Access period as possible.

The dev has outlined its plans for Early Access here, stating that the team will be regularly chatting with the community about the game, releasing frequent updates, and publishing a weekly Weather Report saying what they've been up to for the last seven days. There's also a roadmap here, detailing extensively which features have been implemented, which are currently in development, and which are on hold for the time being.

The Ship: Remasted will be LAN-only for at least the first few weeks, so you'll have to wait a bit for online multiplayer—there'll also be a temporary 25% "loyalty discount" for folks who own the original Ship on Steam, available for a "short period" after the Early Access launch.