The Scrolls launch trailer marks its long-awaited release


Right on schedule, Mojang's card game Scrolls is now available. Alpha and beta testers will be upgraded to the full version automatically, and those of you still on the fence can take the free demo for a spin to see what you think.

The Scrolls site now features a list of some "cool things about Scrolls," like that it boasts more than 350 scrolls, all fully animated and "nice to look at," and that everything but the four starter decks can be traded for scrolls or gold. What I find most interesting, though, is the description of the crafting system: Three identical scrolls can be crafted into a higher-tier scroll, which will be "shinier," track stats, and, at the third tier, provide bonus gold when drawn—but they don't actually provide an advantage in combat. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but then so is Mojang's decision to restrict how much real-money currency players can spend on the game.

Scrolls will set you back a fiver if you like what you see in the demo. Get it at

Andy Chalk

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