The Rock, Becky Lynch, Xavier Woods, and John Cena join Brawlhalla

Not content with adding Finn and Jake from Adventure Time to the roster, smashy platform-brawler Brawlhalla has turned to the WWE for its next set of playable characters. The Rock, Becky Lynch, Xavier Woods, and John Cena have all been added as part of patch 3.47.

There's also a new mode WWE-themed mode called 'brawldown' that includes folding chairs you can use to stun other fighters. It's a 2v2 tag team match, with three-minute rounds. Oh, and you can hurl people into tables as well.

Each of the wrestlers is based on the moveset of an existing character, but rather than just being reskins they have unique signature effects, lock-in animations, and weapon skins. Yes, The Rock gets to do the People's Elbow.

Various bug fixes, improvements, and an overall balance pass are included in the patch, and you can read the full notes at the website.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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