The (probably) final Steam controller appears at GDC

Steam Controller balanced 2

What appears to be the final design of the Steam controller has been revealed at GDC, in a surprisingly informal fashion: By a picture on the side of Valve's booth.

The Steam controller has gone through a number of revisions over the past year or so, but the final design appears to be the same as the mockup that appeared in the Steam client beta in December. What we can't see in this photo are the shoulder bumpers, although that would jibe with our previous impression that they'd been rounded down from the design that turned up in July.

"Play all your Steam games from the comfort of your couch," the picture states. "Enjoy high-precision, dual trackpad input combined with low-latency wireless performance."

It looks good, but it also looks like, well, a controller. What do you think? Do you see a year-and-a-half worth of innovation and refinement here, or is it more of a wheel, reinvented? We'll get our hands on it and tell you what we think tomorrow.

Andy Chalk

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