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New Steam Controller image suggests Valve adding an analog stick

The latest Steam client beta carries with an interesting surprise: An update image of the Steam Controller buried deep within its files.

The revised diagram was first spotted by Steam Database and posted on its Twitter profile. The diagram in the latest client beta update, dated July 23 2014, shows a mock-up that abandons the left-side buttons in favor of an analog thumbstick. The thumbstick sits to the bottom right of the controller's signature trackpad on the left side. If the image represents a planned iteration of the controller, it could be a move to make the Steam Controller more versatile.

Earlier this year, PC Gamer Editor-in-chief Evan Lahti criticized the last Steam Controller revision on display at GDC 2014 , saying he was surprised at how "unwieldy the trackpads were in every situation." He further noted that he "didn't once feel comfortable, in control, or that Valve's hardware configuration was in any way an upgrade over a controller with analog sticks"

The image is located in the Steam enfoot\resource\images\library folder, if you want to check it out for yourself. You'll also have to be taking part in the Steam client beta program.

We've reached out to Valve for confirmation and will update when we hear back.

Andy Chalk
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