The PC Gaming Reader - read the best of PC gaming writing as an ebook


The PC Gaming Reader is a collection of the best PC games writing from PC Gamer, PC Format, Edge and the now sadly defunct PC Zone. Previously we gave it away with issue 222 of the magazine, but now we're offering it to everyone in e-book format .

In the corner of our offices stand shelves stacked full of past issues of PC Gamer. Our fellow magazines are the same, so we're giving those articles a second lease of life by offering them to you as a Kindle e-book. Giving those who remember them fondly, or missed them the first time around, a chance to read some of our best ever work.

The book includes articles like Kieron Gillen's famous Deus Ex review, Charlie Brooker's review of Euro Truck Simulator for PC Zone, Tom Francis' attempts to find love in MMOs and many more. It's an anthology of reasons why PC gaming is great. It covers everything from ancient classics to cult hits to terrible simulator games.

You can buy The PC Gaming Reader Kindle edition on Amazon for a mere £2.99