The PC Gamer Show episode 4: SOE Live, Alien Isolation, Velvet Sundown


It's The PC Gamer Show ! In episode four, Cory travels to SOE Live to interview Sony Online President John Smedley and talk Everquest Next and H1Z1. Meanwhile, back at the office, we take a cruise on the Velvet Sundown and Tim chats with UK editor Chris Thursten about their hands-on time with Alien Isolation.

In this episode...

  • Act I: Cory braves the seedy gambling dens and wild streets of Vegas to talk to Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley about zombie survival MMO H1Z1 , how it compares to DayZ, and the future of Everquest Next .
  • Act II: Both PC Gamer US and UK are buzzing about Creative Assembly's Alien Isolation . Tim and Chris both got hands-on time with the game, and they talk about the potential for emergent (and horrifying) moments.
  • Act III: The US team gets vodka happy in a Velvet Sundown booze cruise.

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