The Old Republic will let you respec your Advanced Class

the old republic thumb 2

Living in a galaxy far, far away, the last thing you want to do is make the wrong decision when choosing your Advanced Class skills. Thankfully, the chaps at BioWare are ensuring choosing a completely useless ability isn't the end of the universe.

In a post on the official SWTOR forum , Old Republic lead combat designer Georg Zoeller confirmed that players will be allowed to respec within an Advanced Class. However, when it comes to changing from one Advanced Class to another, things get a bit hazy.

“You may be able to spec to another Advanced Class, but that is something we haven't entirely made up our mind about as there are plenty of arguments that can be made - pro and con - and future class developments could influence this” Zoeller explained.

News that you can respec classes will no doubt prevent many players from throwing themselves into sarlacc pits in frustration after choosing the Force flower-picking skill by mistake.

[via Massively ]