The new Humble Bundle features Gang Beasts, Everything, Gnog, and more

The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle is a collection of games that are not made by Double Fine, but are published through its Double Fine Presents indie publishing label. It starts at $1 for Mountain, 140, and Thoth, a trio of minimalist experiments in platforming, twin-stick shooting, and "existential nature simulation," a descriptor which at the very least should have you curious. (Tyler liked it; lots of other people, not so much, although it now has a "very positive" user rating on Steam.)

Beat the average purchase price and you'll enjoy a somewhat more conventional gaming experience in the form of Gnog, "a tactile 3D puzzle game about exploring whimsical monster heads and the secret worlds inside them" (okay, so relatively more conventional), and Escape Goat 2, an excellent, tough, oddly mournful puzzle-platformer about a goat, a mouse, and sheep. (It's also the game that led Tim Schafer to kill a guy.) 

At the $10 top tier, you'll also get the multiplayer party game Gang Beasts and Everything, an "epic, award-winning reality simulation game" that is extremely unfriendly to title searches. Soundtracks for every game except Gnog are also included at their relevant tiers, and there are some World of Warships freebies in there too. Don't forget to check out our list of Humble Bundle coupons too to potentially pay even less. The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle is live now and will be available until 11 am PT/2 pm ET on January 29. 

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Andy Chalk

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