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The Long Dark trailer gives an early glimpse of winter survival

It was last month that The Long Dark went out in to the wilderness of Kickstarter . Since then, it's been successfully scavenging for internet money, but will need to redouble its efforts if it's to live beyond next week. First though, a respite, as it comes back into the warmth to construct its first trailer, giving a very early look at the exploration survival game.

At $116,793 CAD of a desired $200,000 CAD, and eight days to go, The Long Dark will need to tempt a few more people with its vision of Northern post-disaster survival. This video should give a flavour of what developer Hinterland Games are aiming for, but even then, it's clearly very early in the development process, with most of its suggested systems yet to be implemented.

For more on The Long Dark, head over to our announcement post , or see the game's Kickstarter page .

Phil Savage
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