The Long Dark story mode launch trailer teases origins of winter apocalypse

Despite European console delays, the first two chapters of The Long Dark's long-awaited and much-anticipated story mode land on PC tomorrow. 

Named 'Do Not Go Gentle' and 'Luminance Fugue' respectively, these segments of story centre on the relationship between bush pilot Will Mackenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood, how they've come to be separated, and how the world has wound up in its seemingly perma-frozen and very much abandoned state. 

More information on all of that is detailed here, however TLD's story mode also now has a launch trailer. Observe:

Developer Hinterland Studio reckons it'll take players around six to ten hours to best both episodes, and that subsequent chapters three through five are expected at some point "into 2018."

The Long Dark's story mode kicks off tomorrow, August 1—which is also when the survival sim leaves Early Access.