The Little Acre is out now with launch interview and trailer

The Little Acre is the debut project from Pewter Games—a gorgeous hand-drawn point-and-click adventure that pays such close deference to the genre's classics, Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil signed up as executive producer during its development. It's out now and has an obligatory launch trailer, as well a launch interview within which the devs ponder why you should be interested in their game. 

Tracking the adventures of protagonist Aidan and his daughter Lilly in 1950s Ireland, The Little Acre is said to echo the "escapist fantasy" films of the '80s and '90s such as Labyrinth, the Neverending Story and Pagemaster, while also combining the charm of classic Don Bluth Disney animation "with the magical wonder of a Miyazaki world." 

First off, here's the launch trailer:

And now the launch interview: 

So, beyond the aforementioned pop culture references, its fantastical interpretation of two divergent worlds, and its lovely hand-drawn aesthetic, know that The Little Acre has dogs. All games should have launch interviews.

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The Little Acre is out now on Humble Store and costs £9.99/$12.99.

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