The Last Worker is a warehouse fulfilment sim at the end of capitalism

End-stage capitalism is here, and automation has become so rampant that only one human being still has a job. Fortunately, that one human being still is you, shuffling boxes for robots in The Last Worker.

You are Kurt, the last human worker at a Manhattan-sized Amazon (sorry, Jüngle) fulfilment center, carrying crates around with your irritating robot pal. It's all in a day's work until it isn't, when you're recruited by an activist group trying to disrupt the all-consuming corporation.

Still in your little floating forklift, you begin to delve into the belly of the corporate beast, in a story that asks Kurt to sabotage his employers even as he feels pride in the work he does, reframing your labour in stealthy shenanigans. Expect a good amount of rib-poking at our own corporate hellscape, too, with screenshots giving us a peek at CEOs with terrible style espousing the values of being a part of one big family.

The Last Worker sports a stylish comic-book world designed in part by Judge Dredd co-creator Mick McMahon, and boasts a cast including Zelda Williams, Jason Isaacs and more. The game is due to release over on Steam later this year, and you can try it out in a free demo now.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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