The Humble Store launches a one-day sale and new 'Gems' bundle

The Humble Bundle folks have kicked off a new "Gems" bundle of indie games, and a special one-day sale that's underway too. In fact, it's called the One Special Day Sale, and 100 percent of payments for games in the sale will go to SpecialEffect, a charity that helps make videogames accessible to people with physical disabilities. 

First up, the bundle: For a minimum of $1, you'll get Steam keys for The Count Lucanor, Hustle Cat, and Tattletail. Beat the average and you'll also get Pinstripe, Slayaway Camp, and Apotheon. Last but not least, drop a tenner and you'll add Cryptark and Has-Been Heroes to the mix—although that's not actually last, because the soundtracks to The Count Lucanor, Hustlecat, Pinstripe, Slayaway Camp, and Cryptark all go along with the games at their respective tiers. Payments, as always, can be divided between the charity of your choice, the developers, and the Humblers in whatever proportion you see fit.

Over to the One Special Day Sale, the selection of games is relatively small, but there are some solid deals to be had: 

The One Special Day sale is live now and will be up until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on September 30. The Humble Gems Bundle 2 will be around for a little big longer: It wraps up on October 13.

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Andy Chalk

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