​The HP Omen: the power of desktop PC gaming on the go

Hp Omen 1

When you’re primarily a desktop PC gamer, your laptop is usually the thing you use for boring, real-world stuff, like typing, spreadsheets and sending emails to loved ones. Usually, you’re stuck playing the games in your Steam library that you played maybe ten years ago, when really you’d rather be playing the game you bought last week, like Cities: Skylines or Dragon Age: Inquisition. With the HP Omen, you can.

Playing those sorts of high-end, modern games on the go is the ideal scenario - having a compact PC where you don’t need a big space to play. Wherever you go, you want your entire games library to come with you, with no compromise on what you can or can’t play. With the HP Omen, you don’t have to worry about compromising performance, either.

The HP Omen is packed with everything you need for high-end and customisable PC gaming, no matter what you want to play. With its Nvidia GTX 860M GPU and gorgeously crisp 15-inch screen, this the laptop that lets you get high-performance while being mercilessly pursued by an intergalactic killer in Alien: Isolation, or blowing stuff up in Kyrat while on elephantback in Far Cry 4. If you’re going to do laptop gaming, you deserve to hit the highest notes with all of today’s biggest games.

This machine makes no shortcuts to get the best out of your games. Its 256GB SSD ensures your games are running as fast as they possibly can, and with its fourth generation Intel processor, you don’t have to cut any corners in getting the desktop experience on the move.

Customisation plays a key part in the HP Omen’s appeal, too. You can customise its touch screen monitor and trackpad to your liking (even switch them off, if you wish), as well as assigning keyboard profiles for individual games and programmable shortcut keys. For a gaming laptop, you want something that can handle everything you need as a player - this is a portable PC built for that player, who needs such a versatile playing experience.

With its sleek shape and red-lit hue, as well as a whole range of matching accessories, the HP Omen is the sort of gaming laptop designed to capture everything you love about desktop gaming on the move. At £1,299, the HP Omen is a gaming PC aimed at users who know they want the highest-end performance they can get their hands on.