The Golden Joysticks: your games of the year

Golden Joysticks

The oldest and most prestigious gaming awards ceremony is now in its final voting phase for 2010. The shortlists have been decided, and all it needs now is for you to vote for your favourites in each category. Does Modern Warfare 2 deserve to beat Dragon Age? Is Mass Effect 2 a better RPG than Fallout 3? The public don't know, they need you to vote and tell them. Happily, you can do so right here.

The awards are open to games of all platforms, so you'll notice that some categories don't have a lot of PC games on the shortlist: they didn't get enough votes at the last phase, or they aren't applicable (Portable Game, for example). But you don't have to vote in every category - just pick the ones you care about and leave the rest. After you've voted, let us know what you chose in the comments.