The funniest Elden Ring deaths so far

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What I remember most from the Sekiro launch is streamers getting pranked by the Woo Guy, an enemy whose howling "woo" prompted players to look toward the sky just in time to watch a flying ninja flatten them like a cannonball. It was a perfect videogame moment. 

Elden Ring is so massive that I wonder if its Woo Guy equivalent has even been found yet. The openness of its landscape also generates new kinds of unexpected You Died moments—my favorite so far is the accidental-looking kill that kicks off this roundup—so I suspect that Elden Ring will keep delivering new kinds of FromSoftware-brand misfortune for a while yet.

Below, find some of the most entertaining ways people have died in Elden Ring so far. (That means there are spoilers for enemies and bosses in the videos ahead.

If you're also dying in Elden Ring, perhaps in a frustrating way rather than an entertaining way, consider checking out our big Elden Ring guide for tips after enjoying this bit of schadenfreude.

Pure torch-ure

A death by aGhostWolf

just_one_more_hit from r/Eldenring

A classic Souls blunder

A death by Jerma985

Seriously, watch out for dudes with torches

A death by sykatz

thank_you_dark_souls_elden_ring from r/Eldenring

"They finally solved swimming"

A death by Scarra

Nice save!

A death by Haligar06

well_that_just_happened from r/Eldenring

It's whirly time, baby

A death by @nmoose2

Slapped off the internet

A death by ArielRosado

you_ever_get_bonked_on_the_head_this_hard from r/Eldenring

Turning the tables

A death by @andysolxiv

Need a hand?

And finally, a death by PC Gamer's own Tyler Colp:

Hidetaka Miyazaki is sorry about all of this, by the way.

Drop your favorite deaths in the comments, and for non-death Elden Ring content, our video review is embedded below.


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