The Flesh God looks like Super Meat Boy but with rocket jumping

Rocket jumps are synonymous with early first-person shooters, especially Quake, the game that truly popularized the practice of launching yourself skyward with either the blast or recoil from firing a rocket launcher. And you can really see that reckless DNA in The Flesh God, a new 2D platformer that's taken rocket jumping to its logical extreme with a beefcake protagonist who pretty much only moves by firing a rocket that's as big as he is.  

"You have your gun, and that's all you need," developer Nuberu Games says on Steam. "Shoot to launch yourself across the level, shoot to kill your enemies and shoot to live another day. The gun is used to convey all the movement and action through easy to learn but hard to master controls." 

You can dodge faster by shooting to the side, fall faster by shooting up, and yes, fly by shooting straight down. As you upgrade your rocket's magazine size, with each bullet effectively adding another 'jump,' your repertoire of aerial maneuvers expands. It sounds like a fun addition to standard platforming fare, and a good way to liven up The Flesh God's "40-plus" levels. There's also a global leaderboard if speed running's your thing. 

Through Thursday, November 9, The Flesh God is available for $2.54—a whopping 45 cents off its normal price. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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