The Flame in the Flood hits Steam in a few weeks

The Flame in the Flood

Survival games and Early Access go together like unfinished titles with an unsatisfying endgame and...Early Access, so it's no surprise to see another one making a beeline for Steam's pEarly gates. The Flame in the Flood is stylish, attractive, and features a dog sidekick, making it automatically more interesting than 99% of video games. The Molasses Flood's game has been available (in unfinished form) to Kickstarter backers for a little while now, and soon it will be out for the rest of us via Steam Early Access.

September 24. That's the date to scrawl into your diary, before tearing out each individual page and leaving them scattered in random places throughout your town. The Flame in the Flood is set on and around a fictional US river, and sees you scavenging and fighting wolves to survive. Tyler didn't seem hugely impressed when he played the game back in July, but it might have improved a bit since then.

Tom Sykes

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