The first Zen 4 motherboard BIOS fixes are already here and the platform isn't even out yet

ASRock X670E Steel Legend
(Image credit: ASRock)

ASRock is out to put you mind at ease about reports of long boot times on its AMD Ryzen 7000-series motherboards. ASRock has informed us that it's rectified a previous issue that meant cold boots could take up almost seven minutes. That's an eternity in modern PC gaming.

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This isn't the C64 tape loading days, people. I don't want to have time to go make a cup of delicious moka pot coffee while I wait for my rig to bloody turn on.

Luckily ASRock's post-launch BIOS will decrease cold boot times on its five X670E motherboards. Though it hasn't detailed quite how much shorter those new boot times will be, and it's something that's going to have to be part of a BIOS update once you actually get board in hand because they're already out in retail ahead of the imminent launch alongside AMD's new CPUs.

A completely cold boot of your PC can take a lot longer than just a simple restart, that's a given, but last week's leak of ASRock's new AM5 X670E board highlighted that maybe its new Zen 4 platform might take a little longer than usual. And it seemed like it was mostly down to the DDR5 memory, too.

For a standard 2x 16GB set of DIMMs ASRock said it would previously take around 100 seconds for the first boot after the CMOS had been cleared—i.e. the system was completely disconnected from power for a time. But if you fully populated the X670E boards with four 32GB DDR5 DIMMs ASRock was estimating that it could take as much as 400 seconds for a cold boot.

That had people concerned, and it seemed it was also an ASRock issue, not an AMD AM5 issue. That has been born out by the motherboard maker now finding a way around the slow boot times.

"ASRock, has built new BIOS decreasing AM5 booting time. ASRock is dedicated to providing products with the best user-experience," reads the statement sent to us. "The new BIOS providing better compatibility and shorter booting time has been built, and it will be available on ASRock website after product launch."

The motherboards affected are:

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Model NameEAN codePart Number
X670E Taichi Carrara471048394017090-MXBJ10-A0UAYZ
X670E Taichi471048394013290-MXBJ00-A0UAYZ
X670E Steel Legend471048394032390-MXBJ40-A0UAYZ
X670E Pro RS471048394033090-MXBJ70-A0UAYZ
X670E PG Lightning471048394034790-MXBJ60-A0UAYZ

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