The first chapter of Dontnod's Tell Me Why arrives August 27

Shown at the Xbox Games Showcase, a new trailer for Dontnod's upcoming adventure game Tell Me Why gives us another glimpse at the mystery, drama and  Alaskan setting of the game. We also get a release date: August 27 is when the first "chapter" will arrive.

Announced last November, Tell Me Why stars twins Tyler and Alyson, who are seeking to unravel the mysteries surrounding their childhood. Much like in Dontnod's most famous series, Life is Strange, it seems there's a mystical element to their investigation—in the trailer, Tyler talks about visions the twins receive whenever they "see or hear something really emotional".

The trailer description boasts of "true-to-life characters, mature themes and gripping choices". We'll see if Dontnod can deliver on that promise next month.

Phil Savage

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