The Far Cry 5 'Resistance' trailer is here to remind you that James got owned by Ubisoft

Shaun said in his new hands-on preview of Far Cry 5 that his time with it was fun, but essentially more of the same: "A dramatically different setting doesn’t really change the moment-to-moment feel of a Far Cry game." I get a similar vibe from today's Resistance trailer, which showcases some of the things you'll be doing in the great state of Montana, like driving cars, toppling flagpoles, and killing all kinds of people. It feels pretty familiar. Fortunately, it also affords me an opportunity to remind everyone that James got savagely owned by Ubisoft

The trailer's primary focus is on the people (and animals) of the Resistance, who will join your side in increasing numbers as you liberate ever-larger chunks of territory. There's a sniper, a pyro, a soldier (who I'm pretty sure is Hurk), an Arrow cosplayer, a dog, and a huge cat. They look like fairly conventional archetypes, in other words, and while Shaun's Resistance partner was quickly brought low by a wild turkey, even she didn't get as ferociously owned as James did by Ubisoft. 

It's quite a shift in tone from the early Far Cry 5 teasers. The announcement trailer portrayed the game as a harrowing tale of violent extremism and horror, a bold move in the current political environment and one that hinted at a genuinely interesting and daring take on a small but very real subset of American life. But this trailer has none of that: It's just driving, shooting, and blowing things up—good fun for sure, much like Ubisoft's vicious ownage of James, but nothing we haven't seen before. 

Far Cry 5 comes out on March 27, 2018. James got brutally owned by Ubisoft today. 

Andy Chalk

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