Far Cry 4 trailer shows off Hurk, his monkeys and a seriously big gun

Far Cry 4

The maniacal monkey mastermind Hurk is coming back to finish the job in Far Cry 4, and he's bringing with him a little surprise that he predicts will be this year's big thing, both in and out of the bedroom.

Remember Hurk? He was an oddball sort of fellow who headlined the Far Cry 3 preorder bonus DLC Monkey Business. He wasn't necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed but he had personality, perhaps best exemplified by his penchant for strapping high explosives to monkeys.

Hurk will be back for Far Cry 4, once again as a bonus for preordering, which will automatically upgrade the game to the Limited Edition release. The Far Cry 4 LE will come with three exclusive missions and "one ridiculously powerful harpoon gun," that being The Impaler on display in this new trailer. There will also be monkeys. Many, many monkeys.

Despite the fact that it's essentially a repeat of Far Cry 3, I'm happy that Hurk is back for more. Far Cry has a tendency to take itself a little too seriously sometimes, at least since they got rid of Jack Carver and his amazing shirt, so a little above-board goofiness goes a long way, especially in a game that, when you get right down to it, is pretty inherently goofy to begin with.

Far Cry 4 hits on November 18.

Andy Chalk

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