The fantastic iFixit toolkit I use multiple times a week is 25% off for Cyber Monday

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iFixit Pro Tech Bundle | Screwdriver set | Opening tools | Tweezers | Spudgers | Magnetic Mat | $89.99 $67.49 at iFixit (save $22.50)

iFixit Pro Tech Bundle | Screwdriver set | Opening tools | Tweezers | Spudgers | Magnetic Mat | $89.99 $67.49 at iFixit (save $22.50)
I use one of these kits every time I have to break into some form of tech, which is... often. I've always found the bit I need to screw down an SSD or cooler, or pry open a backplate, inside this kit. You really can't fault it on selection or overall quality—I've had this exact kit for years and never once had a thing break on me. Even if you don't need it personally, I can bet the PC builder in your life would absolutely love it. That's how I got my kit, in fact: a very well thought out gift indeed.

I reach for my iFixit Pro Tech toolkit every time I need to rip open some piece of hardware, which happens multiple times a week, every week. You'd think after all those times, some of which I was incredibly frustrated at the hardware in question, that my iFixit kit would be somewhat worse for wear. It's not. This thing is still in pretty much immaculate condition, and that's why I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending this kit to every PC builder or tech savvy tinkerer out there.

In the Pro Tech Bundle you get the Pro Tech Toolkit (that's what I have) and a Magnetic Project Mat (I don't have this but I'm jealous). The whole combo together will cost you $67.49 over at iFixit's own webstore, which is notably less cash than just the Pro Tech Toolkit alone at Amazon right now ($75 there, if you're wondering).

Inside the Pro Tech Toolkit you get all sorts of great stuff. Spudgers galore. If I had a penny every time I've had to spudge something and found the perfect spudger in this kit... well, I'd have enough to buy more spudgers. You also get:

  • Some super handy tweezers, with two different shaped twee-zees (guessing the terminology for the end of a tweezer here)
  • A sort of bigger tweezer that's by default set to clamp mode (best way I can explain that)
  • A metal pry wand
  • And a thing to slice open gaps in laptops and things

Honestly, I was really reaching to actually explain each tool how best I could and that's what came out. It all makes sense when you look at the kit pictures.

iFixit is famed for its genuinely awesome collection of actual teardown and fix guides—important knowledge on how to repair our own stuff right here.

Needless to say I've found many uses for my kit. Opening the back of a laptop? Yep. Cracking open a phone? Done that. Ripping apart a dash cam? Oh yeah, done that. Tearing down a GPU? For sure. I've even use parts of the kit to help screw motherboard standoffs on and off, which is honestly one of the most annoying jobs in history if you don't have the right tools.

What else can I say? You have an electronics job that needs a screwdriver or compact tools, you'll find what you need here. To be honest, even without any money off I recommend the iFixit kit. It makes a great gift, either for someone you know or to yourself for a hard day's work.

Jacob Ridley
Senior Hardware Editor

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