The Fall Guys Valentine's Day costume is an adorable red panda

I repeat, this is not a drill. The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Valentine's Day new costume is a red panda. That's right: Your adorable jelly bean thing can now be a red panda. There's also some kind of cute Valentine's Day message above. But really, the panda, I mean honestly:

A jelly bean person from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout dressed up as a red panda.

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Starting today and lasting until February 16th, the Red Panda costume is available for 1000 Kudos per piece. 

If you have somehow not heard, Fall Guys is a game about little rotund goobers trying to survive various obstacle courses and live. The recent mid-season update brought all manner of weird penguins and giant snowballs and the like to the game.

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