The Fall Guys mid-season update is here, penguins and all

Just as the snow's come out in force for the middle of winter, so too has a blizzard arrived in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's midseason update. And while I'm all for a nice bit of frost, the snowballs in the bean-stumbler's newest stage look absolutely brutal.

Officially (and unfortunately) titled "Stop with the yeets name it anything else just don't include the word yeet please im begging you", update 3.5 adds a new round to the game, plus over 40 remixed variations on existing stages and a new "Fall Feed" covering every fall and qualification in a round, as they happen. 

A chilly variation on Hex-A-Gone's floor-vanishing theme, new round Snowball Survival tasks you with avoiding vanishing blue floor tiles as massive icy boulders storm around the arena. A blog post doesn't go into as much detail on those new round variations, but expect fans hurling you across the map and plenty of obstacles appearing where they have no business being.

Particularly cruel jellybeans can also start sending innocent baby penguins to an untimely end. They had names, you monsters.

The mid-season also brings in a range of new Sugar Plum outfits and (more importantly) sees the Sonic, Godzilla and Untitled Goose costumes return to the in-game store. There's also been a good few bug fixes, all of which can be checked out on the update 3.5 patch notes.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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